I always take a coaching approach in developing my seminars and workshops. Each is designed so you are able to bring your own life circumstances to the exercises. By doing so, the seminar or workshop is more relevant and meaningful for you.

Open The Door To Your Ideal Partner Workshop

Open DoorAre you:

  • Feeling ready to share your life again, if it’s the right relationship
  • Thinking about dating but keep procrastinating
  • Concerned about getting involved and making a mistake

Don’t miss this vital first step. It’s what my Workshop:

Open The Door To Your Ideal Partner is all about.

Here’s an overview of the half-day Workshop:

  • What’s Blocking The Door - Uncover what’s in the way of attracting your ideal partner
  • Open The Door – Shift your mindset and clear the space for your new relationship
  • Who Will You Let In – Who is your ideal partner
  • Preparing The Way – Explore your part in a new relationship
  • Keeping The Door Open – Stay focused as you attract your ideal partner

I created the Workshop because I noticed that when women started dating again after their divorce, their niggling doubts and concerns about dating were impacting their dating experience.

It’s as if they shut the door on their ideal partner. By "ideal partner", I mean what would be "ideal" for you.

Check the Up-Coming Events page for the dates of the next Open The Door To Your Ideal Partner Workshop.

Interested in doing the Workshop with me one-on-one? Contact me for info.

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3 Essentials For Thriving After Your Midlife Divorce

Are you, or one of your friends, divorced in midlife and wondering "Now what?"

After a divorce, your priorities shift along with your life circumstances. What was important to you before the divorce may not be important now. It's time to give yourself priority and explore new possibilities.

Join me for my insightful and inter-active 60-minute seminar. During our time together, you will: 

  • Discover the 3 essentials for thriving after a midlife divorce
  • Distinguish the stumbling blocks that often get in the way
  • Learn ways of incorporating the 3 essentials into your daily life



How To Make The Best Decisions For You

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